Marine Applications

Bilge Pump 

 - Add 2-4 oz of TKO concentrate to the bilge.  Allow the wave action to emulsify the oil and grease.  Leave in the bilge to biodegrade.  When you turn on the motor, you'll get a fresh, clean aroma.

General Cleaning

 - Use light to general purpose mix to remove docking marks, salt build-up, and for general cleaning of interior and exterior of boats. 

 - Great for leather seats inside cabin. Removes carbon and rust (for rust, sprinkle salt on stain after you spray on TKO).  Cleans bird and spider droppings, or sap.
-  To clean slop hoses so they can be reused, dilute 1 part TKO to 20 parts water.
-  To clean oily water separator filters, dilute 1 part TKO to 10 parts water.

Caution:  Do not use concentrated Orange TKO on fiberglass!

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