Industrial, Commercial & Municipal Applications

The industrial uses for Orange TKO are too broad to list individually.  If you are not sure TKO can be used for your application, contact us, and we will provide whatever information we can relating to your field.  Orange TKO is non-corrosive and leaves no residue.

The uses for Orange TKO are limitless, but the following are some of the potential areas of use:

         - Electrical industry, including electric motors and
            connectors  (used by City of Calgary, Alberta)
         - Computers
         - Cleaning molds (containers, not organisms) and vats  
            (used by Anheuser - Busch in San Francisco)
         - Preparing metals for paint application  (used by
         - Cleaning air conditioning fans and duct work
            (used by Carrier)
         - All industrial adhesives  (used by Winroc)
         - Plumbing industry - caulking, adhesives  (used
           by Westburne)
         - Cleaning concrete floors and carpeting
         - Removing oils and tars
         - All degreasing applications
         - Pet stores, animal hospitals, groomers, kennels
         - Restaurants
         - Hotels, Resorts, Clubs
         - Convention centers
         - Property management
         - Golf courses
         - Marine applications
         - Oil companies
         - Rinks, pools
         - Environmental stores
         - Printers
         - Campgrounds, parks
         - Automobile detailing, car wash
         - Optometrists
         - Hair salons
         - Churches, funeral homes
         - Dairies, pig farms - numerous farming 


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