Golf Applications


Cart Hydraulic oil spills from mechanical breakdowns:

 - Spray a solution of Orange TKO on the spill of 10-12 oz TKO per gallon of water.  Give time to emulsify and wash off with water.  No permanent damage is done to the greens or vegetation.

 - Golf carts and machinery may be cleaned with general solution.  Degrease motors with strong solution.

Oil stains on pavement:

 - Mix 1 part TKO to 8-10 parts water.  Spray on oil stain, leave sit for 15 minutes, and work stain with an old                                                broom to help loosen the oil. Hose off with water.

Ball washers: 

 - Use 1 oz TKO in 5 gallons of water to eliminate odors and gummy build up.  Keeps ball washers fresh and clean.

Shoes & Clothing:
Clean stains from shoes and clothing with 2-4 oz per gallon of water.  May need to soak in TKO before washing as usual.


 - For stains and odours, use general solution.  See home applications for more details.

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